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Creating marketing assets for games, TV and film is a big part of what we do. We've contributed to outstanding multi-media campaigns spanning box art, TV advertising, in-store and outdoor displays, online marketing and merchandise design.

From creating inspiring ideas through to high quality execution, we deliver marketing art that's effective for audiences and marketing teams. Whether we're working in 2D or 3D, creating assets from scratch or using pre-existing designs or models, we keep our artwork flexible and scale-able so it can be adapted for multiple purposes, maximising our clients' investments.

You can find out more about about the processes we use in our Marketing Art blog and see a full gallery of our marketing art here.

Multi-format Marketing Art

hen creating marketing art for multiple formats, flexibility is key. We use oversized canvases to create large images that can be used at various scales and crops and artwork is always layered meaning characters, objects, backgrounds and effects can be re-arranged and re-used.

The characters we designed for Age of Wushu Dynasty were created specifically for marketing. By delivering the artwork in an adaptable format, Snail Games were able to create multiple montages with the characters posing alone or in a group.

Box Art

As well as illustrating artwork by hand, we're also able to use 3D models to produce artwork with a more realistic finish.

We produced a series of sketches for the Little Big Planet 3 cover before taking a selection of in-game 3D assets and textures which we re-rendered, re-posed and painted over to create a high quality finish. 

We've also created packaging designs for a series of Lego products with some of the character illustrations now featuring in one of Lego's TV productions.

Splash Screens & Online Content

Splash screens and online marketing assets need to communicate as much as possible about the product in a single image at the same time as capturing the audience’s imagination and making them want to be part of that world.

The marketing images we created for online RPG King’s Road bring to life the heroes and villains in a vibrant and dynamic composition, painting an enticing picture of the action and adventure you can expect to encounter. The enemy characters were given a more intimidating and less-stylised look to help entice more serious gamers.

Logos & Graphic Desig

Creating good graphic design, whether it's for a logo, icon or poster, means seeking a balance between a design’s effectiveness as a communication tool and its aesthetic beauty.

We were tasked with modernising the logo for Big Ben’s Outcast: Second Contact; a remake of the cult 1999 PC game, Outcast. We replaced the two moons, synonymous with the original title, with the Ulukai symbol which appears throughout the game on the t-shirt of the main character, Cutter. 

We also explored different fonts and textures that would best communicate the fantastic and futuristic nature of the adventure. 

The final version of the logo was then harmoniously placed in the key art marketing image created by the Atomhawk concept team.

Merchandise Design

tomhawk worked with Exient and Rovio to create a unique range of stylised racing karts for their mobile racing game, Angry Birds: Go!

Our work went on to inform the design of a tie-in line of Hasbro Telepod toys that allow players to unlock more in-game karts. The designs have since been used in further product lines, such as the clay model sets, demonstrating how a well-crafted yet fun and simple design can become a valuable IP asset.

Narrative Illustration

rops, characters and vehicles that demand an iconic and recognisable shape can all benefit from beginning life as a series of thumbnails or silhouettes. 

Using a process of rapid thumbnail sketches allows us to focus on the overall form rather than specific details before picking out the best of the shapes and refining them into a more readable style.

These weapon thumbnails show how different shapes and sizes can be quickly explored in silhouette to present a range of options that can then be refined and built upon to create a unique design.

Marketingart_services_layout banner.jpg

You can find a full portfolio of our concept work by checking out our Art Gallery.