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IRONKLAD STUDIOS IS A digital art and design COLLECTIVE BASED IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA with clients all over the world. Since 2014 our work can be seen in Features, Games, product development, Advertising and Television. We develop, VISUALIZE and present these ideas to the world with a unique style and quality. Ironklad’s work has played a substantial role in the development in the entertainment field. We love working with writers and Directors as a testing ground for world building, helping shape and create characters that resonate and inspire for years to come. We help define moments by bringing an iconic look and feel to your projects.

Designing from the ground up, We work with writers and creatives to open up new ideas and doors to see its greater potential. Our unique EXPERIENCEs working with costume designers, Concept artists, fabricators, and PROP BUILDERS brings life into worlds before the camera even starts recording.

We are creators, we are passionate, we are fans…

We are Ironklad, we build worlds.


Select clients include:

Ironklad Studios founder, Justin Goby Fields, has transformed his A-list assemblage of concept artists into that rare treasure: a team that goes above and beyond, infusing stellar work a vast knowledge of cinema, a delight in storytelling, and an unmitigated joy in everything they do.
— Iain McCaig , concept designer / star wars /Harry potter /Avengers:infinity war